Your free online metronome

Allows you to easily start the metronome with just one click. Simply define the desired BPM tempo (beats per minute), adjust the beat count, and configure the metronome timer as needed.
What is a metronome?
A metronome is a tool used for music practice and performance. It produces a regular, audible beat at a specific tempo to help musicians maintain a consistent rhythm and tempo. Metronomes are commonly used for practicing musical instruments, music composition, and ensemble playing. They aid in ensuring accurate and uniform musical performances.
How to use the Metronome?
1. Set the BPM tempo
Adjust the metronome tempo by selecting a BPM (beats per minute) value between 20 and 240.
2. Set the number of beats
Set the number of beats within each measure. Typically, music employs measures containing 4, 3, or 2 beats.
3. Click the "Start" button
Initiate the metronome by clicking the "Start" button.
Tempo Markings
ItalianEnglishBeats per minute
GraveVery slow24 - 45
LentoSlow45 - 60
LarghettoBroadly60 - 66
AdagioSlow and expressive66 - 76
AndanteWalking pace76 - 108
ModeratoModerate speed108 - 120
AllegroQuick and bright120 - 156
VivaceFast156 - 176
PrestoVery fast168 - 200
PrestissimoFaster> 200